Exploring The City Of Kings.... Or Khaleesi's

With over 16.5 million viewers tuning into the season finale of the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. It's no surprise that most of us have at least heard of the show even if you are not an avid watcher. What some of you may not know is that the hit US Tv show is known for filming in some pretty spectacular locations throughout the world.

Such as "the north' being filmed in a variety of locations throughout Ireland. 'High Garden' being filmed in Castillo De Almodovar Del Rio in Spain. 'Bravos' being filmed in the town of Sibenik, Croatia.

However most importantly the centre of the entire show known as 'Kings Landing'. Was filmed in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. In which I was lucky enough to visit recently.


Dubrovnik walls


The town of Dubrovnik is located on the coast of Croatia, alongisde the beautiful Adriatic sea. I was blown away by the coastline of this gorgeous country. Having traveled up the coast from Greece, I can definitely say Croatia has some of the most spectacular coastal views I have ever seen. The water is always so tranquil and clear it is like stepping into your own slice of paradise.

Although what really blew me away was finally reaching the maritime city of Dubrovnik. The 15th century architecture along with crystal clear waters is simply breath taking. What was once known as the marine capital of Croatia, is now one of the Mediterraneans top tourist destinations and for good reason.

The architecture alone should be enough to make you want to visit this splendid city. However if that does not interest you then it has plenty more to offer.

Whatever you do, you can not go past the cable cars. It was easily my favourite activity I did during my stay here. The cable cars run every 10 minutes and will only set you back about $30. ( There is a free walking trail that will take you to the top but expect about 40 mins each way)  These carts will take you to the top of the mountain and give you some incredible 180 degree views over old town Dubrovnik. If you are an avid photographer or instagrammer then this is a must for you.

 However when you reach the top, the viewing platform will be crowded. That is why I suggest you walk down the hill away from the town and you will find an alternative platform (as featured below) without the crowd, and with even better views.

 Top of cable cars croatia


After releasing your inner photographer I'm sure you will have worked up quite the appetite. The restaurant at the top of the hill serves some delicious food, almost as good as the views it showcases!

View from the top of the cable cars

Another one of my favourite activities to do while visiting would have to be the kayaking. It is a full day tour in which you kayak along the coastline exploring caves and other beautiful beaches. You will also get lunch provided at your own private beach stop, in which you will be able to swim and soak up the sun. Expect to pay around $50 per adult for this tour, if you would like more info on prices please visit ISANGO!


Now for all those Game of Thrones fans there is plenty of tours tailored just for you. Although I did not personally go on one of these tours. All my friends that did said it was well worth it. These tours will take you to all the filming locations of the show, and the guides are extremely knowledgeable about the show.


For all you party people out there, you can't go past Buza bar. This bar is located just outside the walls and hosts some pretty spectacular views. In order to enter this ocean front bar you will need to go through a small hole in the wall, which can be hidden if you do not know where to look. Although it can get quite packed with tourists the views are definitely well worth it.

If clubbing is more your thing then you can't go past skygarden. This is a great club will multiple rooms, good DJ's and cheap drinks.

Culture Club Revelin is also a close competitor to skygarden. It is open to the early morning and is always hosting concerts and other similar events.

Apart from all the typical touristy tours the city is simply wonderful if you just want to relax and go at your own pace. The amazing architecture made exploring all the hidden secrets of this city much more enjoyable. There is not a single building in old town Croatia that isn't unique. Even the fast food places make you feel as if you are entering a medieval castle.

The towns typical coastal town feel makes it just that much more enjoyable. Whether you are sampling gelato from the hundreds of stores scattered throughout the city. Or simply relaxing by the beach this city truly does have something for everyone.

Let us know below if you have been to Dubrovnik, and what your favourite activity to do was!

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