How to travel the world on $0 a day

The most common reason many people never get to travel the world is the hefty price tag that comes with recreational travel. However, what if I told you it was possible to travel the world on $0 a day? Within this article I am going to highlight many organisations that will allow you to do just that. From teaching English, to house sitting there is plenty of choices to suit everyone.


Before I get started there are hundreds of ways to not only travel the world on $0 a day, but to also get paid to do so. However these are my top 10 ways you can travel for free!


Lets get started!


1) WWOOFing

You may or may not have heard of WWOOF before. It is essentially a organisation that partners travellers with farms around the globe which travellers can go to and work in exchange for food and accommodation. WWOOF is one of the biggest organisations of its kind in the world and therefore has partner farms in an astonishing 70% of the worlds countries. This makes it perfect for travellers of all types. Whether it be exploring the rugged outback of Australia or remote South America there is destinations for everybody.


Basically being a WWOOFer will involve you working a variety of tasks including sowing seeds, gardening, harvesting, cheese making, packing, milking and much much more. Typically a volunteer will work around 4-6 hours per day and no more than 5 days per week. Which still leaves more than enough time to explore the surrounding areas and immerse yourself in the local culture.


It is also a great way to meet people, as often these farms will have multiple travellers working and staying at the farm. Its a great way to make life long friends from all around the globe.


If you would like more information you can visit their website HERE


2) Become an AU Pair

Becoming an AU Pair is one of my top recommendations from this list. This is due to the fact it is one of the only ones you can actually make a profit from while travelling.


If you haven't heard of an AU pair it is essentially a nanny/house keeper for families. You stay with the family and help out around the house and with the children if they have any. Generally it is expected of you to help the children with learning your native language such as English. The hours you work are generally part time and about 5 days per week. Which still leaves you plenty of time to explore the county you are visiting. AU pair is offered all over the world with a majority of partners being located throughout Europe.


The best part of becoming an AU pair is the pay. Not only will you get free meals and accommodation but you will also get an allowance. Which will come in handy on your days off.  If you are lucky you might even get an exceptional host family. A friend of mine recently had an exceptional family in London who paid her above the minimum wage ($300+). As well as providing her with her own car, and even took her on an overseas trip when they went on holiday.



Becoming an AU pair is definitely worthwhile and you can find more information HERE


3) Volunteering

Easily the most common and rewarding ways to travel for free is volunteering in local villages. Many organisations such as World Youth will send you to local villages in need to help with a variety of things. Such as building schools, wells and even teaching basic English in local schools. In exchange for this they will provide you with food and accommodation.


You can expect to work roughly 4-6 hours per day and up to 5 days per week. Which still leaves plenty of time to explore the local area.


Easily the most rewarding part of this program is the difference you will make in some peoples lives. You will get to see a side of the world you may have never even known existed. It will allow you to experience the true locals way of life and you will make great friendships in the process. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing what a difference you can make in some of these peoples lives. Therefore that is why I highly recommend everyone to volunteer overseas at least once in their life.


4) Become a House Sitter 

Now this one is a bit out of the ordinary but it is still a great way to get free accommodation! House sitting has taken off in the recent years and for good reason.


All you need to do is make sure you don't burn down the house while the owners are away and you're golden! Who knows you could even score yourself a very decent place to call home for a while. Although most people tend to house sit in their own country the possibilities are endless. You may even end up in a nice villa in Bali if you're lucky like some people! The only cost associated with this is your own food and daily living expenses.


Visit the team over at House Carers if you would like more information or locations available.


5) Teach English

Teaching English to people as a second language is one of the most popular jobs for many travellers. As long as you are fluent in English then there will always be a need for your services. Sites such as are constantly looking for people to join their team and teach English around the world.


Now this job is generally not for those people looking for short occasional work. As contracts can last up to 2 years. However it is a great way to have a paid extended vacation. Due to the popularity of the English language you can teach English in almost any country you can think of with no qualifications.


Not only will you make a difference to the people you teach, but you will more than likely become fluent in their own language to. Which is an extremely valuable skill in today's highly competitive world. It's a win win for everybody, so what are you waiting for?


6) Work at a Summer Camp in America

Every summer hundreds of camps are filled across America with children ready to have the summer of their life time. If you love kids and running fun activities such as kayaking, horse riding, hiking etc then this is perfect for you.


Although this can be a pretty full on job in terms of work hours it is still very rewarding. In exchange for your services you will get all meals and accommodation included. On top of this you will also get paid a small wage each day. Which is very useful when summer comes to an end. Often many camp leaders will all go on trips across the country together to end of the summer.


If you would like more information on Summer camps in America then feel free to visit Camp America


7) Become a tour guide

Although this can be extremely hard work and is not a job you can pick up for a few weeks. It is still one of the best travel jobs out there. Becoming a tour guide for companies such as Contiki or Topdeck is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only will you get paid a generous salary to travel to many amazing countries. You will also meet so many amazing life long friends.


If you have ever been on a contiki or topdeck tour you will know just how amazing they can be, and you will know that the tour guides are the luckiest people on the planet. Although you do need to seriously consider if this job is for you. As they go through so much rigorous training in how to run a successful trip. This is a job which most people tend to only do for a few years as it is extremely demanding.


The only downside to becoming a tour guide is the working hours. You will basically be on call 24/7 and will constantly be ensuring everything runs smoothly. In addition to this you will only have a few days between trips before you have to do it all over again. You wont have much down time to yourself, although who needs down time when you're sipping on sangria in Barcelona!



There you have it 7 ways to travel the world on $0 a day. What did you think of our list? If you have any ways we missed feel free to leave them below in the comments!


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