Hard Bodied Vibrating Imitation Lure Set 5pcs

Hard Bodied Vibrating Imitation Lure Set 5pcs

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All Kaynens Hard Body Lures contain our unique Bullet Proof Bib securing system, ensuring that your lures stand the test of time, and continue to catch fish after fish
Our new Hard Bodied Vibrating Imitation Lures are the ultimate weapon against those stubborn predators. Lure them out of any hiding spot with our new built in vibrating technology. 


Size: 7cm

Body Type: Hard Body

Diving Depth: Medium

Hook type: Double Treble Hook Size 8

Quantity: 5 pieces

Try pairing this lure with our wire traces to ensure your chances of landing those sharp-toothed fish like Barracuda, Wahoo, and Mackerel.

(10% of each purchase goes to the charity Ocean Conservancy to help clean the worlds oceans!)

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